Concerned citizen demands release of Sa'a Grema Terab

Citizen Babagana Bagabs has submitted a petition against the Inspector General of Police, IGP and the Commissioner of Police in Borno state to free sa'a Grema Terab and others in detention

Saadatu Muhammad, wife of Grema Terab, was arrested on April 15 in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state ,in place of her husband, Mr Grema Terab, a former head of Borno State Emergency Management Agency and a Peoples Democratic Party Governorship aspirant in 2019 election.

Citizen Babagana Bagabs claimed that her arrest and detention is an act of impunity.

“Why should she be detained for a crime she did not commit just because her husband is an opposition voice in in Borno state. It's a violation of human rights. Why should she be in custody for crime she has not committed despite being pregnant?, he queried.

Saadatu lost her pregnancy while in police custody.

He claimed the action of the police is aimed at silencing opposition, he further stated

She was detained together with eleven other persons by the Borno state police for not been able to find GremaTerab and arrest him when thugs attack one another after a gathering of Grema Terabs supporters.

Mr Terab blamed the killing of an unnamed citizen on “some miscreants” who stormed his premises to attack those who attended the political event at his residence.

The petitioner stated that her arrest and others in place of Grema is illegal and that police violated her rights and that of others.

He called for her immediate release.

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