Nigerian calls for total ban of almajiri system

Citizen Usman Ahmed Danbaba has submitted a petition urging State legislators, State executives, Community leaders to join hand to fix or ban the practice of almajiranci in the northern part of Nigeria.

“Almajiri is a system of education exposing children between the ages of 4 -7 to learning the Holy Quran with the assistance of their Mallam (Arabic teachers), but basically, it has been discovered that these children are only being exposed to maltreatment and often abuse by their so-called trainers. It has also become a norm that these children are found roaming the streets begging, hawking and running errands for their trainers,” he said in the petition.

Citizen Danbaba argued that for ages, child molestation and harassment in the name of Quranic education has been endemic and normalized in Northern Nigeria, stressing that “some parents send their toddlers to unconventional, extremely poorly kept and densely populated schools. We have read and seen cases of death or permanent injuries inflicted on those kids in the name of punishment for minor offenses by their teachers/guardians. At the end, students spend much of their time either begging for food or working in farms for their master instead of learning”.

He urged state legislators, state executives and community leaders to join hands together to put an end to the practice, by a total ban on Almajiranci for any child below a certain age to be recommended by experts, in addition, limitation on teacher-student ratio should be imposed, and comfortable accommodation must be provided by any interested person to carry out such schools.

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