Putting an end to Vote buying in Nigeria

Citizen Charles Victor has submitted a petition urging the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senate President, Speaker of House of Reps, INEC Chairman and Civil Society Groups, to prosecute politicians that buy votes from voters.

Any reward given to a person for voting in a particular way or for not voting can be called vote buying. Vote buying is a corrupt election practice. A vote buying bribe is that having a monetary value. Vote buying is a threat to the conduct of fair elections. It makes the election not to be free and fair and may as thus result in people electing a representative that is not responsible.

It is paramount to know that every election is decided by the choice of people, the person who they believe to be worthy of the post and should not be made subjective by giving out bribes to change their opinion considering the economy of the nation which leave some citizens with no choice other than to collect and comply.

Citizen Charles Victor stated in his petition that there cannot be a credible election when hungry voters are lured with money to vote for candidates against their wish.

“We shall be appealing for a legislative and executive declaration that any individual or group who is caught in the act of giving money or gifts to the electorates for the purpose of seeking for votes in election should be liable to conviction for corrupt practice,” he said.

He therefore requested for very strict punishment for offenders as a deterrent and a sign of Nigeria commitment to good governance.

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