Securing Human lives and properties

Citizen Saleh Muhammad Abubakar has submitted a petition, urging the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

For the continual existence of a nation state, it is vital that it must have its basic characteristics which are population, territory, sovereignty and government. With one of these amiss, it becomes a threat to the state of existence of people living in the country.

Sovereignty is one essential features of a nation state. Without this, the state loses its power and assurance in protecting the lives and properties of people making peaceful coexistence difficult. The security of Nigeria has thus been threatened for quite some years now as it seems peace has eluded the nation which in turn has put fear in the people living within the nation as to the safety of their lives and properties.

Citizen Saleh Muhammad Abubakar in his petition stated that “Our security system has terribly deteriorated and its structures have obviously collapsed. Our security agencies no long meet up to their established objectives. Our lives and properties are becoming more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks every second. Everywhere is unsafe for living and nowhere is secured for earning a living. Day time is becoming as scary as night time. Neither poor nor rich, neither men nor women, neither adults nor minors are safe now in this country. Killing is becoming a daily experience so much that sanctity of human life wanes in our minds. Something must be done now.”

He therefore suggested that to put a stop to this act of terrorism, barbaric killings, indiscriminate loss of lives and properties that

1. There should be more funding for security to enable the Police, Civil Defence, Customs, Immigration and others recruit more personnel, train and retrain the personnel, procure hi-tech security gadgets among others

2. Review our educational curriculum to expunge whatever instigate religious, ethnic, tribal sentiments and inculcate topics that would promote unity and patriotism among citizens.

3. Drastically reduce the benefits attached to any political office so that it ceased to be a profitable venture which many do or die for.

4. Improve our road transportation sector like the aviation sector to be able to curb the free movement of criminals and their weapons.

5. Check impunity by punishing whoever err irrespective of his/her status.