We need steady power Supply

Citizen Isaac O Yohanna has submitted a petition against the federal government of Nigeria and the minister of power, works and housing on the need for a stable power supply to enhance the country development .

“It is paramount to know that for a country to undergo development, apart from the three basic needs of food, shelter and clothing, another very important social amenity is power supply, this enhance industrialization as new organisations are able to spring up and the old ones are maintained. It will also reduce the use of generators as most citizen use this as option in the absence of power which in turn causes noise and air pollution and also the cost of buying fuel. It is therefore essential that the problem of Steady power supply should be solved to enhance speedy development of the country and also aid in reducing the economic cost of goods and services,” the petitioner noted.

Yohanna added that “We need steady power supply in Nigeria and not an epileptic power supply because, the problem of power supply in Nigeria is making most company/Business to fold up, which signal bad image to this great country call Nigeria”.

He therefore suggested that the federal government of Nigeria and the minister of Power , works and housing to diversify through the use of "Sun, Wind, Coal to boost the power supply to enable the country become a better place for living”