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Ban Underage Almajirci

Created by Khalid Idris Muhammad
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It's high time for those on our affairs to challenge the status quo, so that these children's future is secured 

This is child abuse! This is child labour! This is a monster that leaders must do something urgent about before it consumes our entire society. 

So even the toddler in the picture is a beggar?! What a parental failure! What a waste of future generations! This is sad! This is calamitous! In fact, I'm pained and devastated by this dangerous scourge militating against my nation

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Petition started 2018-05-11 08:31:12

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Md Nura



I'm vehemently opposed this slavery ideology.

Adamu Adamu

the system needs restructuring. Government must get involve, as the members are also Nigerians who are entitled to its resources and attention

Aliyu umar

Your reason for signinig (optional) Almajiri system of education should not stop in Nigeria but should be modernize in this nation


this is purely the faults of the parents and the government as well, because both have a greater role play in bringing-up next generation.

Auwal Aliyu

It is our collective responsibility to rescue these children from the outright neglect by their patents, and also exploitation and abuse by their teachers.


To keep me updated


Too bad


Almajirci is dehumanising. It must stop.

Ammar Abdulhamid

It's outdated practice that does more harm than good. Cast Islam and Northern Nigeria in bad light and also contribute in child abuse.

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