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Health Workers strike

Created by Aminu Ahmad
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Government is not paying attention to the health sector in Nigeria. Hospitals and medical facilities are in deplorable state, with health workers going on strike at regular interval.

Many lives are lost as a result of this. The government should reform the sector with proper funding and policies to ensure our hospitals are of international standard.

There should also be an end to health workers strike in the country. 

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Petition started 2018-05-16 17:13:10

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many health worker are apoded and are graduated still loking for job but the govnment fail to employed them idont know why.


I can only appeal to government,pls & pls do the right thing at the right time,no proper health care in Nigeria atall,pls do all necessitate,GOD bless Nigeria.

Abdullahi Sani

To justify what is the most appropriate to the society

Dini nassir

I'm not ruthless

Bashir Albasu

My local Govt has a population of 4000000 people. It has 20 village heads and 198 ward heads. It has 10 cottage hospitals or what one may call health centers. Unfortunately there’s not a single doctor in any of the cottage hospitals.

Aminu NDG

Every administration in Nigeria has public policy failure the question her is why? The problem is that we defend on our political elite, and those political elite are up to there selfish interest, there only care for there family and relatives not the citizens of federal Republic of Nigeria in particular, my recommendation is that let give fresh graduates that study leadership such as political science or public administration I think there will bring revolution to our great nation

Samuel Emeka

I am Nigerian who have been suffering from the neglected health care facility and workers due largely to sheer neglect and hope of foreign hospital patronage by our leaders


poor masses are dying and without good hospitals how can the people live long? not everybody can afford private hospital or go abroad. Again, if those people didn't take good care of their hospitals, would we go there for treatment?

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