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Extortion by JAMB in the name of Remitting billions of Naira

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The present Registrar, Professor Oloyede Is-haq is not being sincere in his claim of remmittance of over Eight billion Naira to the FG.

His administration is adding additional burden on parent and candidate. He has virtually increase all fees through the back door. 

Regularisation which for so many years was been charged between 3,000 to 4,600 is now 10,000. No candidate that acquire NCE, ND, HND will register for DE application without going through the process of regulirization. Same thing goes to potential NYSC Corp members whose admission have not been regularized. 

It should be noted that we are not against the charging of the fees or the regulirization process, but the fees being charged is too much. Considering the fact that he is using technology for that (which is cheaper) and education is a social service not a profit making venture.

Instead of charging such fees and remmitting billion at the detriment of the masses he can as well maintain the fees and ensure strict compliance or on the alternative make it free

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Zainuddeen musa Muhammad


Fatima babakura

To learn more about jamb and it problem because I am a mother.

Musa Usman

Eduction is not to attract this kind of taxation...


go ahead JAMB, we have seen your re-action but remember you will never be remain in your office, if there is no resign, there is die. hhhmmmm

Anas Isah

JAMB is irrelevant and it should be scraped

Auwalu Mudi

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John O. Julius

Honestly,the government are not encouraging the less previledge. Anything u do concerning education attract money,why are we not sincere?

Muhammad Rabiu



JAMB is not a revenue generating agency like Custom or Federal Inland Revenue, and therefore they should stop charging citizens on every transaction such as printing admission letter or change of Course. They are making the poor family to stay out of Scho

Musa usman

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