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Creation of Regulatory Body for Food Vendors

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The need for change in Hygiene safety and legal regulations in a country with a population of over 200 million must become of concern to the federal government of Nigeria 

Standards and Hygiene regulations must be established through a scheme and monitored by an agency to help with food borne diseases and illness from contamination, through poor health hygiene practices, especially commercial consumption of food and drinks.

The spread of Lassa fever, Listeriosis, salmonella and e coli are mostly food borne diseases spread through poor hygiene I.e through the use of dirty utensils and poor hygiene handling of food.

The surdid rate at which food borne illnesses have risen from poor hygiene by commercial operators due to no  regulations and monitoring scheme to help reduce the rise of food borne diseases that can lead to mortality is a source of concern and it should be to the public interest that a petition should be signed for the implementation of a Hygiene scheme under a health agency. It will not only save lives but also create employment.

In conclusion this regulatory body will not only help to save lives but will also standardised food hygiene and trainings in Nigeria thereby saving the Gross National Income, GNI of the country by creating employment and establishing a healthier and safer Nigeria

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It is not just necessary but very important


NAFDAC should have done this a long time home dirty is that place they are cooking form wow

Paul Loulou

Written well


The issue is when are they going to start it


There is sense in this

Hon damilola

Bakeries and all those bottling drink companies need to be regulated by this scheme if u have been to some bakeries before you will not eat bread again


For any political party in Nigeria this will be a good point to try and win supporters to vote at least they will know they were part of change


All this big hotels and clubs in Nigeria need this regulation


I had serious food poisoning recently and spent thousands in hospital bills due to containmented and I am sure it was from a dirty plate and poor food handling NAFDAC Put your priority straight


It’s making sense to me in the area of employment at least it can help a bit but the money aspect from the regulation fees collected by the Agency that’s a lot of money

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