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Creation of Regulatory Body for Food Vendors

Created by Ayo Majekodunmi
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The need for change in Hygiene safety and legal regulations in a country with a population of over 200 million must become of concern to the federal government of Nigeria 

Standards and Hygiene regulations must be established through a scheme and monitored by an agency to help with food borne diseases and illness from contamination, through poor health hygiene practices, especially commercial consumption of food and drinks.

The spread of Lassa fever, Listeriosis, salmonella and e coli are mostly food borne diseases spread through poor hygiene I.e through the use of dirty utensils and poor hygiene handling of food.

The surdid rate at which food borne illnesses have risen from poor hygiene by commercial operators due to no  regulations and monitoring scheme to help reduce the rise of food borne diseases that can lead to mortality is a source of concern and it should be to the public interest that a petition should be signed for the implementation of a Hygiene scheme under a health agency. It will not only save lives but also create employment.

In conclusion this regulatory body will not only help to save lives but will also standardised food hygiene and trainings in Nigeria thereby saving the Gross National Income, GNI of the country by creating employment and establishing a healthier and safer Nigeria

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Kiki finest

So let’s talk if there are 200 million people and we have like 30 percent of that number selling commercially and let’s say they will pay regulation fees I reserve my finding NAFDAC has hammered but hope they do their jobs and lock dirty food vendor shops


Why did it have to come to petition aren’t such regulation meant to be done already out of common sense by the government the government and sluggishness

Ray redmond

if NAFDAC should Let’s say start it with so many people imagine how many food vendors to regulate and if fees are involved then it’s money making for the government Nigeria and money

Chinedu chukwu

At least if the food vendors know that if they don’t keep to the regulation they will face the law I think NAFDAC will have to on this one at least lives will be saved


I support this on all level at least we would stop seeing food being sold without proper care.


It’s a wake up call for commercial Hygiene at least people will know they are safe


The DG of Nafdac should get this into motions it will be one of the biggest changes in helping to reduce food poisoning


Another innovative mind hope this is a young person it will be sad if it is another old buhari .


At least you know your children will be safe when they buy food at break time


Hope this petition is not a waste of time from daily trust I hope they make our signing count I believe with this regulation in place food vendors will take the lives of Nigerians serious some food vendors are just dirty

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