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Fraudulent activity of Kanu Kerry/your time pays integrated service limited

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Fraudulent activity of Kenu Kerry/your time pays integrated service limited

This is a complaint against Kanu Kerry and “your time pays” limited, with registered office at Suite 200 Anon Plaza, Plot 1084 Joseph Gomwalk Way, Gudu District Abuja, Nigeria.

With the following urls:

Your time pays began operation on 26 October, 2016 with Kanu Kerry as CEO, as an online and registered company aiming to empower people, which later turned to be a fraud.

Your time pays began to extort money from their users as a yearly subscription fee. The users pay different amounts of money based on the package they choose; your time pays later refused to pay their users monthly as they promised to pay them. And later it started cutting the subscription time from a year (as agreed first) to the time they wish.

Your time pays makes their users to waste their precious time, data and energy to complete task and survey, view ads (PTC) , and also submit articles to their blog all with hope of being paid at end of each month.

Some of the packages claim that you can withdraw your virtual dollars in 10-days interval which never happens, all to deceive the unsuspecting public

The CEO and the customer care of the company afterwards begin to ignore all enquiries by users and even started threatening the users. There was a conspiracy to run away with public funds as another company was opened by one Mr Paul Oyemikhe of your time pays integrated services. Afterwards the company is termed timepaysclick Limited with url which was newly registered with CAC. It quite new, but has the same modus operandi in defrauding people as it is a criminal offense to use registered company in defrauding Nigerians. This same Mr Paul oyemikhe has used funds siphoned from yourtimepays, as he was in charge of accounts in yourtimepays Limited, to open other companies namely Timeclicks table water factory, Timepays transportation company. He went further to fraudulently request users and passwords of users of yourtimepays loyal to him and transferred them to timepaysclick limited to further deceive them to join his campaign of extortion.

Photos of both CEO will be attached

We hereby, request/call on the EFCC, the inspector-general of the police force and Civil societies and other relevant agencies to put an end to this public extortion of Nigerians as this companies are practising Advance fee fraud, and other concerned agencies to take the necessary legal action against the aforesaid persons/company and get our hard-earned money refunded and remove us from the claws of this mindless scams as we’re being conditioned that once we stop using the site we will forfeit our earnings and account, another scheme to hold people generating money from Google ad clicks without payment to the people doing the ads clicks

Thank you.

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Oseni Kabiru

I am one of the victim of this dubious people & we want justice

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I was defrauded in this scheme too

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To know much about my country

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