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Sa'a Grema Terab was a housewife whose crime was only being married to Grema Terab,a governorship aspirant in Borno state under the Peoples Democratic Party. She was detained together with eleven other persons by the Borno state police for not been able to find GremaTerab and arrest him when thugs attack one another after a peaceful gathering of GremaTerabGremaTerabs supporters. Her arrest and others in place of Grema is the most illegal and impunity of police actions that violated human right. Sa'a is heavy with pregnancy yet arrested in place of her husband.

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Abba Muhammad

This is impunity, why should be detained for a crime he did not commit just because her husband is an opposition voice in in Borno state

Lukman Abubakar

It's a voilation of human rights,why should she be in custody for crime she has not comitted despite being pregnant and she still loosed the pregnancy this is tyrany

Babagana Bagabs

This is abuse of power and oppression which is aimed at silencing opposition

Abdullahi Adamu Faggo

Gross human right violations

Huzaifa Adamu

Human right violation

Jegede Abayomi Samuel

Let sa'a be freed

Umar Abba

Human rights violation


She is innocent


She is innocent and they are violating her right

Charles Victor

this is Human Right violation

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