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Sa'a Grema Terab is a housewife whose crime was only being married to Grema Terab,a governorship aspirant in Borno state under the Peoples Democratic Party. She was detained together with eleven other persons by the Borno state police for not been able to find GremaTerab and arrest him when thugs attack one another after a peaceful gathering of GremaTerabGremaTerabs supporters. Her arrest and others in place of Grema is the most illegal and impunity of police actions that violated human right. Sa'a is heavy with pregnancy yet arrested in place of her husband.

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Petition started 2018-05-07 17:09:57

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Nura umar

Your reason for signinig (optional)

N S Babangida

Sometimes government do things blindly. may Allah help us

Ado kaliel

Base on constitutional provision, section 35 ( 1 ) (2) (3)(4) and (5).

Stanley Azeza

Your reason for signinig (optional): What is wrong is wrong. the government of the day has too many records of disobeying court orders

Comr Ibrahim Adam Mohammed

Sa,a and the rest are innocent, Justice for Sa,a and others

Abba Yusuf

Pls let sa'a be freed

Muhammad Hamisu Magaji

It's not surprising for this type of jungle justice where impunity has become part and parcel of our culture and we claim that democracy is the best type of government. May Allah swt help us from the tyranny of those we elected to be our leaders.

Umar Bukar

This is injustice. Why'd she be detained for the crime of another simply bcos she's married to him

Ahmed Alhaji Ma'aji

I signed this petition for the released of Sa'a by the Nigerian Police Force and Borno state government because Sa'a and other brothers had been illegally detained by the government for than 20 days to a reason best known to them.

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