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Govt, NGOs increasing unemployment in Nigeria

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It so sad that universities, polytechnics, colleges of educations graduate students almost every year, but when it comes to job the federal government lays much emphasis on age limitation by saying a candidate applying for a post should not be more than 30 years.

It is clear indication that people that over 30 have been denied. In another aspect, NGOS lay much emphasis on working experience.

My question here is: is there any one that is born with working experience? The answer is capital no.

However, the room should be open to whoever wants to contribute his/her quota to development of the country.

Since there is no single section in the Constitution that stops citizens from studying, therefore, every citizen is at liberty to work based on their interest, ability and capability. If this is taken into consideration, the problem of unemployment will be drastically reduced in Nigeria.

Similarly, NGOS should understand that youth have a lot to contribute in development of any country. Therefore, youth need to be given chance to work with you. Since there is no single organisation that recruits a person and that person starts work instantly, he/she must be trained for some months before starting work. If NGOS will consider my suggestion the number of unemployed will be reduced greatly.

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Umar sabo waziri

to express my idea/advice

Ismail Abubakar masari

Unemployment is the key to poverty in Nigeria.

Umar Musa Adamu

That age barrier is not helping matters given that a person can graduate for more than 5 years without getting job, and must fall in that category which isn't his fault. Government and NGO's should look in to this.

Mohammed Rabiu Ibrahim

Unemployment is the main problem of Nigerian youth.

Alhassan Aminu

I am not above 30 years but the restriction of those above 30 in terms of employment, I think it is not fair

ADAMU zaharaddeen

Very sad and terrifying, a very Good takeof.

Aminu Lawal Bala

Right thinking, if we look at developing countries they are growing through empowering youth


Sadness, unfortunate, terrifying, and heartbroken levels of unemployment rate of Nigerian YOUTHS

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