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Implementation of minimum wage

Created by Ahmad Agaisa
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Why is the Federal Government delaying the implementation of minimum wage, while they claimed to be fighting corruption.

The implementation of minimum wage will play a big role in reducing corruption in Nigeria.

The FG should implement the new minimum wage without delay.

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Petition started 2018-05-14 03:41:47

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sadiq hussaini bojude

hmm, government to approved minimum of wage,is not a solution for a poor person in Nigerian, bcos anything will be rate up / cost, so the solution is that to be reduced Price petroleum, diesel, kerosene, & so on. So that the wage & salary it will be value to a government employees and fill satisfactory while some fill comfortable ness


Hmm,am not against new minimum wage implementation,but let us look at it from this angle,during Obasanjo regime,increament in minimum wage did more harm to our economic situation,petrol,gas,diesel & kerosine was increase by 50%,also don't forget pepper seller,farmer & all traders in Nigeria doesn't depend on government,here is my solution,let the government deduce petrol to #50,diesel to #50,kerosine to #20,no civil servant will ask about increament again,our economic situation will change positively,GOD bless Nigeria.

James Labari

Your reason for signinig (optional)I want the implementation of minimum wage to the workers. Politicians are enjoying while workers dying.

Nasiru idris

Just to know what happen

Muhammed rafsanjan

I'm supporting the federal government, on the implimentation of the national minimum wage.. Without any delay


Your reason for signinig (optional) WILL WE DON'T WANT ANY DELAY ON THIS MINIMUM WAGE

Garba Hudu

To improve welfare package and hence increasing productivity

Comrade Odah James

Because the goverment is not helping matters at all as regards to the workers welfare in this country.

Murtala Adamu

Keep in up-to-date

Bashir sule


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