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Implementation of minimum wage

Created by Ahmad Agaisa
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Why is the Federal Government delaying the implementation of minimum wage, while they claimed to be fighting corruption.

The implementation of minimum wage will play a big role in reducing corruption in Nigeria.

The FG should implement the new minimum wage without delay.

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Petition started 2018-05-14 03:41:47

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Bashir sule



The National minimum wage is very important. I appeal to the president to hurry an endorse the bill to become law.

Aliyu Mohammed

The minimum wage most be implimented if this administration is serious on war against corruptions.

abdullahi sani

we want fg to implement the new minimum wage to the works

Muhammad salisu

Workers alway comply about minimum wage, when FG impliment the paid workers of 30,000 new minimum wage is better to paid this month.

Ishaq Musa

If the gov't is truly wanted to fight corruption from its root, lets the FG consider the wellfare of the workers from all part of the organisations, agencies, parastatals & security agencies by upgrading their salary earning, i.e by implementing the New National Minimum Wages. So as to avoid any kind of corruption in the country from all part of the local level, state level & federal level at large.

faruku aliyu sifawa

to know what my country is all about.


The prices of commodities are high while the value of Naira was less .

Aminu NDG

I think the executives are not willing to change Nigeria, this issue is among the issues that causes much of trouble to the in particular, the implementation of the minimum wage will surely helps the civil servants of the federation

Adamu Adamu

Corruption is not restricted to public servants along, civil servantz too take part in it. unless civil servants are given what will sustain them, they will device any measure just to live.

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