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Implementation of minimum wage

Created by Ahmad Agaisa
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Why is the Federal Government delaying the implementation of minimum wage, while they claimed to be fighting corruption.

The implementation of minimum wage will play a big role in reducing corruption in Nigeria.

The FG should implement the new minimum wage without delay.

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Saleh Usman Musa

This Buhari government for the issue of minimum wage, they are very slow when it comes to civil servant they don't care about matters.

Comrade Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

I don't know why this government is not much serious about the welfare of its citizens despite the massive support it has from them. Tab Wai........... N24,000 FG N20,000 Governors Aradu tura zata kai bango fah. Eheeeen! - K. A. G

Malik Muhammad Suwar

We Local education authority staff didn't enjoyed the last approved minimum wage. So we do hope this time around we wouldn't discriminated.

muhammad adam zandam

the current 18000 wage pays minimal part of family expenditure. workers are now beggars at provision stores: they want borrow without balancing the outstanding bill. save the workers, provide social security to alleviate the level of criminality.


The devaluation of the Naira by the Buhari Administration which was accompanied by 300% and above rise in prices of commodities has rendered the current minimum wage obsolete and therefore an upward review becomes necessary.


The implementation of minimum wage will play a big role in reducing corruption in Nigeria.


prices of goods in the society are skyrocketing everyday and an average man have barely enough to feed himself and his family.

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