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Join hands to fix/ban Almajiranci

Created by Usman Ahmed Danbaba
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Background: For ages, child molestation and harassment in the name of Quranic education has been endemic and normalized in Northern Nigeria. Irresponsible or illiterate parents send their toddlers to unconventional, extremely poorly kept and densely populated schools. We have read and seen cases of death or permanent injuries inflicted on those kids in the name of punishment for minor offenses by their teachers/guardians. At the end, students spend much of their time either begging for food or working in farms for their boss instead of learning.

Ramification on the entire society: If you think you are safe, those innocent kids that are deprived of their motherly love, basic education and the right to eat and sleep in a hygienic environment will perhaps be the next kidnapper to adopt or kill you and your child. Worst of all, we are all responsible in the sight of God, we will all account for not doing anything.

Questions: To those backing the policy, why aren’t your kids joining the same system? To our leaders, why can’t we simply stop this cruelty by just legislating a total ban on it? Are you scared of losing votes? Or are you contended with the system? I believe it is the former.

Way forward: A total ban on Almajiranci for any child below a certain age to be recommended by experts, in addition, limitation on teacher-student ratio should be imposed, and comfortable accommodation must be provided by any interested person to carry out such schools.

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Bashir Adam

It's not proper to allow children of our fellow brothers and countrymen to be galivanting around for no just cause. They are being denied their rights to proper education and its unislamic.

abdulrazaq bashir

the main problem came from the parent if u can take good care of your child whx did you sant your child to almajiranci

Habib Abubakar

This is highly embarrassing.

Ibrahim Alhaji Ibrahim

I like the idea




I have always thought about the almajiris and often shed tears on the plight of these youngsters,i support this movement with all other issues raised here with all my heart.


The too have the right to enjoy parental hood and the have the right to have a good food and quality education but Islamic and western.


As a father, I cannot sit idly by while children are treated like slaves due to abdication of parental responsibility.

Dala Maina Ali

The instruction has long turned into a threat to the society

Zahradin Aliyu

It should be stopped unconditionally!

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