Maximum Recruitment age For Fresh Graduates should be 35 Years

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It is very unfortunate for must of us who attained the age of 30 before graduating from the Universities/Polytechnics.The delay could be as a result of ASUU/ASUP Strikes, Inability  of some of our parents to send us to school on time because of the economic situation of the country etc. We went to school to acquire knowledge and earn a living after graduation.To serve our fatherland, just like the children of the elites who went to school on time, some even abroad, and graduated at the age of 19/20 years. The Maximum age for recruitment into most of the Government Agencies/Ministries is now 30. What else can we do to earn a living? To become Thugs? Fraudsters? or what? Are we not Nigerians? What are the ages of President, Governors,Senators,Reps CEOs etc. Please something should be done if Nigeria belong to all of us.

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To express my idea, opinion.

Usman Buhari Maishanu

I really not agreed with this motion. You may see some graduates that passed 35 years by their age, do you mean they can't get a job in nigerian government? Are they not a citizens of nigeria? Finally,federal government should go and think more about this

Aaron Arum Atsen

I completed my secondary school at the age of 17, before I could rewrite my papers and secure an admission in Plateau State Polytechnic was I 23 and completed my National Diploma at 28 (2009-2014, which includes 1yr preND, a complete session+ consumed as2


is due to the economic sitiution many need apply and it required who do yuo know and who know you it can be the first problem.

Amsami Ali Lawan

most of the talent are still at home no logistics that will continued with their education due to poor family background


Your reason for signinig (optional) the problems is somdtimes d from ssce to jamb

Abdul Bamally

To engage in intelligent discussion with decorum and the intent to sought for long lasting solutions.

Abdullahi Sani

Age barrier shouldn't be given relevance for the employees, because of the obvious reasons

Usman Bara'u Yanmota

The issue of getting credits in mathematics and english language and mass failure on the stated subjects especially in the north is another reason. I graduated from secondary school since 1999 but, couldnt get admission in to the university simply because i dnt have credit on maths and english. I finally get those credits in 2018. Am now seeking for admission in to the university and am today 38 years of age.

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