Maximum Recruitment age For Fresh Graduates should be 35 Years

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It is very unfortunate for must of us who attained the age of 30 before graduating from the Universities/Polytechnics.The delay could be as a result of ASUU/ASUP Strikes, Inability  of some of our parents to send us to school on time because of the economic situation of the country etc. We went to school to acquire knowledge and earn a living after graduation.To serve our fatherland, just like the children of the elites who went to school on time, some even abroad, and graduated at the age of 19/20 years. The Maximum age for recruitment into most of the Government Agencies/Ministries is now 30. What else can we do to earn a living? To become Thugs? Fraudsters? or what? Are we not Nigerians? What are the ages of President, Governors,Senators,Reps CEOs etc. Please something should be done if Nigeria belong to all of us.

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Abdulbari Adamu

Parents alone should not be blamed for delaying to enrol their children as early as possible into educational system,but rather nigerian students suffer more huge setbacks as a result of ASUU strikes being embarked on frequently, compared to others studying abroad. Based on this,Government has to devise a means of addressing this issue first before signing any bill on maximum recruitment age.

Adamu Ibrahim

Because most of our youth dnt attained university at early age,by so they graduate around 28-30 yrs and the govt dnt have the capacity to employed every yr.

Aminu NDG

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Jibrin Mohammed

Its very unfortunate to say, a country which cannot give admission to the masses and brought up with a policy that the maximum age for reruiters to be 30 years while greater number of the graduates fails to attain the requirement. THIS MOST BE CHANGE!

Mohammed Malay Kachallah

Only a little percentage of youth in Nigeria graduate before the age of 30 and if after the graduation the government is not even interested in your education and will not give you job what is the essence of that education.

Saleh Muhammad Abubakar

Our parents are nit even to blame for our delay in going to school; it is the fault of the government because they have made life tense.

Babagana Bulama


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