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Nigerian Senate, Respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law

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The National Assemby comprising the Senate and the House of Representatives need to start subjecting itself to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The National Assembly is a creation of the Nigerian Constitution (1999). In Nigeria, the people and the Constitution, not the National Assembly, are Sovereign.

However, the National Assembly, and especially, the Senate, has for the past three years been carrying on as if it has powers over and above the Constitution and the ordinary laws of the land. The simple truth is that it does not have any such powers. That is the position of the law. Consequently, they are required to act only in furtherance of the purposes of the  Constitution, otherwise, they lose both moral and legal authority to act as members of the National Assembly. Examples of the Senate's gross disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution are legion in this 8th Senate. From the President of the Senate leading over 70 Senators to witness his trial and intimidating the Code of Conduct Tribunal for months abandoning their legislative functions for which they are earning salaries; paying themselves obnoxious and illegal salaries making them the highest paid legislators in the world against the extant constitutional provisions and salaries and wages laws of public officer in Nigeria and public outcry; summoning people it has no powers to summon only because they have criticised them; to the Senate ordering cars  for the Senate President when the National budget has not been passed and refusing to pay import duties but rather summoning, insulting and intimidating the Head of the Nigerian Customs when he insisted the import duties must be paid; preventing the arrest of a Senator suspected of participating in serious crimes of gun-running; and now summoning the IG of Police to intimidate him regarding the trial, the list is endless...

The show of shame must stop. The complete disregard of the law and decorum must stop. The National Assembly and the Senate in particular must respect the rule of law and stop threatening Nigeria's democracy.

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senate for life


They are the course of all go-slow of Baba Buhari lead administration


Only national Nass can coorparate Mr president in order to brings change in the country. they delay our budget,politics saga. let them loose 2019 and vote 4BABA BUHARI

Rabiu Jibrin

Full support

aj isreal

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Dala Maina Ali

The time for the legislators to start crying and regret the unruly behavior is around the corner. Let them continue grandstanding and fooling themselves

Saif Damra

Fighting For Powerless Citizens

Saleh Muhammad Abubakar

They are the first and leading enemies of our democracy.



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