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Turning the affairs of Imo State to family business

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The way and manner Governor Rochas Okorocha is ruling Imo citizens runs contrary to the principles of democracy. Governance in Imo State appears a family business, by using public funds to enrich family members. Also some group of militants and hoodlums from a section of the state appear given cover and empowered with arms to cause fear, intimidation and kill where possible. This action may pitch heads of communities together in a long violent conflict, probably when the governor is out of office. Above all the handling of salaries payments of Imo State workers and the planned imposition of his son-in-law as the 2019 Imo governorship candidate of his party is completely undemocratic. Besides major pot-holes on the express roads appear abandoned while the smoother ones which may not need immediate repairs are shabby being excavated and shallowly tarred, thus causing traffic and wasting public money. I suggest the Governor should be called to order by the APC leadership before his actions and inactions snowballs into major conflict in Imo State

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Abubakar Gimba

we the staff bauchi state university gadau are not happy with the schedule of payment of our salary, we always suffer before we get our salary we want to know the reason

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