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Petition against CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co - FRAUD

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Dear Sir/Madam

 I  write to petition and bring to your notice the deceitful and criminal activities of CMB and it employees and how they have fraudulently obtained and squeezed money from me and refused to refund it further exposing their dishonest intentions. It is now over two months since i have been pursuing the company to refund my 1 Million Naira.

On 3rd May 2018, Ms Vivien Efakpokire (Deputy Marketing Manager at CMB) approached and emailed me with an offer for sale of a half plot of land in their Pearl Audaces Estate at Sangotedo in Lekki Lagos for N3, 500,000.00. The offer letter was signed by one Ms Chinma Asogwo designated as the Marketing Manager for CMB. Find enclosed herewith a copy the offer letter marked as P1 for your reference. After several email exchanges and telecommunications, Ms Vivien Efakpokire and Ms Chinma Asogwo convinced and influenced me to make a deposit of One Million naira (N1, 000,000.00) towards the purchase of the half plot of land in Pearl Ausdaces Estate. Accordingly I remitted the deposit on 3rd May 2018. Find enclosed copy of evidence of my payment marked as P2 for your reference. There are also attached copies of our email correspondences.

I learnt online that CMB had stopped selling that particular estate since last year which got me worried and at this point I started to scrutinize the offer letter which states N3, 500,000.00 as the purchase price, but noticed that the total purchase price of the “property” was vaguely inscribed as N8, 000,000.00 in the terms and conditions therein in contrast with the understanding I had with CMB. In good faith I sought clarification from Ms Vivien Efakpokire and Ms Chinma Asogwo. They both informed me that this ambiguity was not an error and said the 8 million is price for the full plot. But there is nowhere stated in the document that 8 million is for full plot. Instead the 8 million is only stated as "SALE PRICE OF PROPERTY". I then insisted that if I must continue to make any further payment, ambiguity must be corrected to reflect the initial agreed total purchase price to avoid uncertainty going forward. Ms Vivien Efakpokire instead crudely and detestably threatened to resell the half-plot of land and refund my deposit, she deviously added that this was “in my best interest”. It is clear that this ambiguity was deliberately inputted in the letter with a criminal motive to continue to defraud and extort further money from me.

Surprisingly after I made my demand for refund, I have not been able to reach both Ms Vivien Efakpokire and Ms Chinma Asogwo directly by telephone, nor email communication. I had received no response whatsoever from these personnel until I contacted a solicitor who sent a demand notice on my behalf via letter dated 25th July 2018 (enclosed herewith and marked P3). CMB finally replied this demand notice via letter of 2nd August 2018 (enclosed herewith and marked P4) and deceitfully raised devious and irrelevant issues while also refusing to refund my deposit by claiming that they will not refund until the plot is sold. This is a particularly dishonest statement, since no actual plot of land has been allocated to me. You will agree that this indicates that they have no intention whatsoever to return my money which proves a case of stealing and cheating by CMB. Additionally, I was even more puzzled that after several demands by mail and my solicitors final demand letter, CMB have only now duplicitously mentioned an “administrative surcharge”. Take note that the initial Offer letter dated 3rd May 2018 which contains the terms on the basis of which I forwarded a deposit of N1, 000,000.00 contains neither provision for such administrative charge nor any other preconditions for refund whatsoever and howsoever arising. This is another fact that proves CMB is well versed in fraudulent activities. Please see enclosed my solicitors reply dated 6th August 2018 marked as P5. 

We hereby write to request that you use your good office to investigate CMB’s activities and my transaction and put an end to the fraudulent activities and criminal maleficence so to ensure my hard earned money is refunded to me in full and the public is protected from their illicit business. The way CMB operates and the manner in which they have deliberately misrepresented this transaction to me is in direct violation of the laws which you protect and enforce. We look forward to your favorable consideration of my humble petition. Please accept the assurance of our esteem regards.

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