Petitioning Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) - preferably Kwara State branch since the company's office is in Illorin.,

Rescue the poor masses from Crystal Nedlar Nig Ltd Scam!!!

Created by Adannaya Simeon
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Crystal Nedlar Nigeria Limited is registered with corporate affairs commission (RC 1211383) and they operate corporate accounts with UBA and Zenith banks as well. Thus, the public trusted them thinking that integrity is their watch word according to the company’s motto on their website.

Crystal Nedlar’s website is, the name of the CEO is Mr Nelson O. Daramola (his phone number is 08179410058). The company is into network marketing. Its address is located in 104, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin, Kwara State; phone numbers: +2349069980611, +2348059185559, and +2349069543329.

In other countries, network marketing is the only industry that ordinary people become millionaires. But it’s so pathetic that here in Nigeria; the CEOs of network marketing companies are so greedy that they extort money from the poor masses to enrich themselves. Permit me to say that network marketing companies in Nigeria are just advanced ponzi schemes. In network marketing, once a member registers, the company gives product or service worth the registration amount to the member; bonus is for referring people to the company and not at the detriment of members’ capital. This is not so in Nigeria.

Crystal Nedlar is a fraudulent company. They are scamming millions of naira from the poor masses through one Mr James Simon (although I am sure it is not his real name) and Raheem Yusuf Olatunji. He (Mr James Simon) gives different names to different investors. From a voter’s card he sent me before I made payment, the name on it is Ojile Ojoniko James (soft copy of this can be made available on request). His phone numbers are +2347069480281 and +2348183692382 while that of Olatunji are +2348149029393.

In Crystal Nedlar, member’s registration is N3200. From all indications, Crystal Nedlar paid James Simon and Raheem Yusuf Olatunji to be advertising for them. The public is told to pay as high as N 1,000,000; N 500,000; N 250,000 etc, an account will be given to the investors and the money paid will be used to push the account to a certain stage (Car stage that is worth N3,500,000). Paying N250, 000 is for one car slot, N500,000 two car slots etc. I personally paid N250,000.

The payment was made directly to the company’s account. We were many that paid (I will attach list of the investors that I have contact with, all the proof of payments will also be made available on request). After payment, a login details will be sent to you and that is the end. No further registration is done with the money paid and the worst part is that in most cases they send the same login details to different investors. The accounts they release to investors always have zero balance. The agreed upon duration for return on investment will reach and there will be nothing to show for your investment.

When the company was contacted, they claimed that Mr James Simon and Raheem Yusuf Olatunji had withdrawn all the benefits; that they are trying to apprehend them. This we kept hearing for months without any positive outcome. If James Simon and Olatunji had embezzled the company’s money, it won’t take the company up to one week to apprehend them. But because they were enriching the company from the poor masses, the company is covering up for them. Many people till date are still being scammed by this company.

I requested that the bank account details with which the company used in paying our benefits to James Simon be made known to us (with this at least his real name will be known), but the company just ignored the investors.

I will be very glad if this company will be brought to book.

Other Investors (those that I know) and the amount they paid include:

1. Hauwa Idris (N 3,500, 000)

2. Uche Precious Nkem (N 500, 000)

3. Arabi Nawfal Ahmad (N 1,000,000)

4. Aisha Suleiman Mele (N 500,000)

5. Armstrong Ojulari (N 500,000)

6. Adelabu Adekunle Johnson (N 100,000)

7. Nwanunwanne Augustine Okorie (N 64,000)

8. Tanwie Tamunang Cyrile (N 123,000)


The EFCC should immediately seal the company and also ensure that the company refunds the whole money to the victims. If they claim James Simon withdrew the benefits; the company should be mandated to produce him. 

Also they should be a public annonncement about this, else more people will still be scammed.


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is currently in police custody awaiting trial in the court of law. I'd like to commend Mr. Nelson for his support in working with the Nigerian Police to ensure that the fraudster are apprehended and we await the ruling by the Judge on how the ...2/3

Femi E.

As a follow up to the petition raise by Mr. Akinola I.A below, I reached out to Mr Nelson(The MD of Crystal Nelda) and the Nigerian Police to report the case. As I write this, the fraudster and impostor that goes by the name Rachel Olaide is ...1/2

Belhassen Anassavyque Tonnakpon AKPAGBE

Good morning. It's strange to read this complaint from someone like you who thinks you know everything about relationship marketing or network marketing. Oh I forgot, I'm Belhassen AKPAGBE, Professional of marketing relationship and forex trader. I live i


CRYSTAL is not a scam but a legitimate & genuine business platform. We do not run a get-rich-quick scheme nor ponzi scheme. CRYSTAL says no to Fraudulent & unlawful acts. Check page 34 on TRIBUNE Newspapers Publication for Wednesday 30th October, 2019

Kenny Babs

Crystal that i know is not a scam, its people that are just wicked and heartless in defrauding others to tarnish the Company name. Crystal listen and takes prompt action, kindly get in touch with them incase you fall victim of being scammed.

Segun O

RESPONSE TO AKINOLA I A. From you complain, it is clearly evident that you, Mr Akinola, failed to do a due diligence confirmation before making payment. You were not even sure of the name of the person to whom you paid the money. They asked you to pay

Akinola I.A

I was scammed by the company through one Rachael Olaide(may not be her real name). The amount is about N1m which am requesting for refund up till now. EFCC should pls help us to apprehend them and save others from this wicked acts.

Saddik Ibrahim Muhammad

People need big things with little about that's is our weaknesses and slot have identified it.


I don't like how many peoples complain about Nigeria,you want to use 250k to get a car what a million naira,what kind of legitimate bussiness the company is doing?am not pity anybody scam on this matter,go & use your resources to do legitimate business,the scammer always pretend like normal & GOD fearing person,but all is a lie upon lie,i know vividly no sinner will go free of charge,GOD bless Nigeria.

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