The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step...

Take that step and start a petition for a better Nigeria.

Do you have any pertinent issue or cause that bothers you? Is there a government policy that you need to be changed at local or national level? Do you want improvement in government policy? Is there any injustice you want justice for? You can now post it on Daily Trust Petitions.

Just ensure your petition gets adequate support from your friends and Daily Trust petition will take it up with the relevant authority and demand an explanation or influence the authority to do what is required.

Once this is done, you will be recognized as the champion of the change in the newspapers and online

Let's make Nigeria a better place.

Who uses

The petition website is open to all, without bias. It belongs to you.


1. Start Your Petition

Tell your story and why it will be for the public or individual good. Have headline that best describe your petition. Identify your Decision Maker/ authorities concerned and Use an image that best illustrate your story

2. Share your petition

Share your petition with friends, family, colleagues and across social networks etc to gain more support.

3. Use the Mass Media

Use the power of mass media if you can reach out to more people, authorities concerned. will ensure media coverage for petitions with momentos

4. Engage authorities concerned

If your petition supports reaches the assigned threshold Local, State or National will Contact your decision maker, deliver your petition, and negotiate for change. You can also engage your decision makers and authorities concerned.

5. Declare success!

When the issues raised in the petition has been resolved Success will be declared.